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WPEngine is a managed WordPress Hosting provider that boasts lightning fast performance, excellent uptime, automatic backups, and excellent malware protection. 

From $29.00/ month

WPEngine offers managed WordPress hosting at different tiers, to suite varying levels of website.  They have a total of 1500 servers in 3 cities - San Francisco, San Antonio, and London - and offer many labor saving features handy to those wishing to work in their business, rather than on it.

Reliability is one of their main selling points, with impressive uptime.

They also offer free migration if you already have a WordPress site on another host. This can be pretty tricky for people who haven't done it before, so definitely gets WPEngine some bonus points.

Plans and Pricing

WPEngine offer three tiers of shared hosting, and two of dedicated. The shared options are priced from $29 to $249 per month.  All the packages come with free migration from another host, daily site backups, and daily malware scans and great security features.


WPEngine's entry level 'Personal' plan costs $29 /month comes with 10GB of storage and a single WordPress installation, which should be enough for most blogs and smaller sites that don't have a lot of media content.

There is a limit of 25000 visitors per month which, if you're looking to build a business and utilize SEO, could prove too low. WP Engine defines a visitor as “a unique IP within a 24 hour period”.

25000 visitors will suffice for some time though, and by the time you need to upgrade to a higher price plan, there's a good chance your site will be profitable enough to justify the extra cost.

Personal hosting customers can get the benefit of WPEngine's excellent content delivery network (CDN) for an extra $19.99 /month, which serves certain content from servers located close to the user. The purpose of this is to speed up  loading of the site, and allow users with slower internet connections to load the site quicker.


The next level from WPEngine is their $99 /month 'professional' package, which allows up to 100,000 visits per month, and up to ten WordPress installations. It comes with 20GB of storage, which should be enough for more demanding websites

Professional and Business plans come with a WPEngine's CDN for no extra charge.

You'll also get 24 /7 toll free (US) phone support with the professional level, which is sadly missing from personal accounts.


At $249 /month, WPEngine's business option is getting into some serious territory.  The extra cost gets you up to 25 WordPress installs, 400,000 visitors per month, and 30GB of storage, which should be sufficient for most businesses.

Of course you get the other features of WPEngine's professional package alongside this.

WPEngine Pricing

Premium and Enterprise

WPEngine offer dedicated hosting in their 'Premium' and 'Enterprise' tiers.

Premium allows up to 30GB of storage, 150 WordPress installations, and 1M + monthly visitors.

Enterprise is the top level, and allows up to a whopping 1TB of storage, 5M + monthly visitors, and 150 WordPress installations.  In other words, they cater for huge sites.

For pricing details of Premium and Enterprise hosting, you'll need to call and get an individual quote.

WPEngine Professional and Enterprise

Included in all plans is WPEngine’s free migration service, which makes it super easy to move your website from a different hosting provider.


Using WPEngine

Speed and Performance

One of the most important factors when choosing a hosting provider, is the speed at which it serves your website to users. Slow websites lose visitors quickly, and a longer loading time also has a negative effect on SEO.

Thankfully, WPEngine uses lightning fast servers, and their reputation for providing high performance is well deserved. They offer some of the fastest shared hosting available at any price, and can handle even highly demanding sites with ease.

Their proprietary Evercache caching system displays content to your visitors and reduces server load, whilst their CDN speeds things up further by loading files from a server close to the user, rather than from one centralized location.

Uptime is another critical aspect of hosting.  Most hosting providers promise between 99.9% and 99.99% uptime.  WPEngine falls right in the middle, with a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

They back this up in their Service Level Agreement (SLA), which states that they will credit you with 5% of your monthly subscription fee for every hour your site is down.

WPEngine Speed and Performace


Setting up WPEngine is a breeze.  WordPress comes preinstalled, and if you already have a WordPress site on another host, WPEngine will migrate your site for free.  This does mean, of course, that you are limited to WordPress. This shouldn't be a problem for most people, as many other CMS makers are providing plugins for WordPress, and the functionality is growing still.

WPEngine has a neat staging area that allows you to easily and safely test out changes while the site is live, and then decide if you want to implement those changes.

There's also daily automatic backups that protect you in case of disaster (or if you make changes and wish you hadn't), and automatic  updates of WP and plugins.

WEngine doesn't allow access to a server area such as CPanel. Due to it being 'managed' hosting, the important features are set up for you. For some people this will present a limitation, to others it will be a time saving perk.


WPEngine Security

WordPress sites are a favorite target for hackers around the globe, with thousands of successful, and hundreds of thousands of attempted hacks happening every year.

Add to this the risk of malware infecting your site, and compromising security, and you have potentially disastrous consequences.

Hackers often take advantage of unpatched vulnerabilities in WordPress and plugins, whilst other times just using brute force attacks to gain access to the WordPress dashboard.

WPEngine has a number of security features that reduce the risk of hacking, and infection from malware.

These come in the form of rule sets specifically made for WordPress installations on WPEngine - thousands of them, that identify and prevent potential attacks.  WPEngine claim almost 100% protection from brute force attacks.

There is an inbuilt, automatic malware scanner, and if you get hacked, WPEngine promises to repair the damage free of charge.

WPEngine offers a free SSL certificate on all plans, making all connections to and from your website encrypted. This is vital if you're taking any customer details, and increasingly seen as standard practice. It also means that when people visit your site, they'll be greeted with a nice 'secure' padlock symbol in the address bar.


WPEngine Customer support

WPEngine support is generally good - certainly competent, but in my experience, doesn't go the extra mile.

Their customer support staff are all WordPress experts who will be able to get you out of a jam if needed, and there is an extensive knowledge base available.

WPEngine Customer Support

Live chat is available through the WPEngine website, from 6am to 8pm CT, as well as ticket and email support. 24 /7 phone support is offered on all plans except Personal, while Premium and Enterprise customers also get 'Strategic Account Management', in which you get extra support to help your business grow.

WPEngine offers a 60 day money back guarantee on Personal, Professional, and Business plans, which should be long enough to test if the service meets your requirements.

WPEngine Review Conclusion

WPEngine is a solid hosting option that ticks all the right boxes, and they are obviously an innovative company that likes to stay at the top of the game.

If you're looking for a fast, reliable, hosting provider that can automate lots of the more laborious tasks, then WPEngine is for you. Their excellent network architecture and automated backups mean that it's unlikely you will experience any issues.

If you're happy to pay for premium WordPress hosting, WPEngine is an excellent choice.


  • Great Network Architecture
  • Fantastic Performance
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Automatic Backups
  • Free SSL
  • Automatic Malware Scans
  • Free CDN (only free on Professional plans and up)


  • Relatively high price
  • Some support features lacking
  • Only for WordPress (not necessarily a bad thing)
  • Visitor caps

Overall Score:

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